So, @TheTickTV is worth watching #AmazonPrimeVideo

This @ben_edlund ‏ Amazon Prime original series, starring @GriffLightning ‏, is chock full of laugh out loud moments. The Tick tire toss into the antagonist, Ramsey, the leader of a criminal underground band terrorizing the city, was so good we had to stop the show and record it. A sampling of our fellow citizens reviews:

In a world where superheroes have been real for decades, an accountant with mental health issues and zero powers comes to suspect his city is owned by a global super villain long-thought dead. As he struggles to uncover the conspiracy, he falls in league with a strange blue superhero. They launch into an adventure brimming with crazed archvillains, blood-soaked vigilantes, and superhuman freakery.

Season 1 of The Tick is broken into two mini seasons. The second part of season one will be aired sometime in early 2018.

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