Our services

For our community. For us all.


Harris & Graves, P.A. was founded in 1977. Lawyers at Harris & Graves firm have been here serving people in South Carolina for fifty years.

During those fifty years of service, we have done everything in our power to make our community safer. Our method is to negotiate settlements and obtain judgments. We have helped tens of thousands of people with personal injuries caused by law breakers.  We have always helped injured people make claims against insurance companies and governments. We continue to focus on that mission–for the safety of our community–present and future.

Our firm has lawyers that handle cases for people injured by

  • motor vehicle collisions,

  • defective products,

  • on-the-job injuries,

  • unsafe medicine,

  • and dangerous premises.

We also help people with disability claims.

My service to you involves all aspects of  your individual claim.

  • Thoroughly investigating all possible avenues of insurance coverage related to your claim and notifying all insurers of your claim;


  • Helping you make wise choices regarding healthcare associated with your claim;


  • Finding the forensic evidence of your harms and losses  to document your claim and maximize your monetary recovery;


  • Handling all communications for you with insurance companies adjusters, billing and insurance offices of hospitals and doctors, health insurers, police, and witnesses. You don’t have to do any of this;


  • Organizing and carefully evaluating all the medical records and bills that might be related to your claim;


  • Filing a persuasive, fully-supported claims with all liability, uninsured motorist, under-insured motorist insurance companies that might provide coverage for your losses;


  • Helping to guide you with aspects of your property damages claim, fully explaining your property damages rights, and communicating on your behalf whenever an issue with a property damages adjuster arises;


  • Before entering any settlement, fully advise you of the monetary value of your claim and give you clear, understandable advice about all aspects of your case;


  • Quickly and efficiently submitting and resolving your claim;


  • Resolving all liens against your settlement as favorably to you as possible so you get as much money as the law allows;


  • Filing appeals with the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS), including appeals through the entire administrative process and to federal court;


  • Examining the assets of all potential defendants that caused your injuries;


  • Filing lawsuits against the proper Defendants with the proper claims included;


  • Devising and executing a smart litigation and trial strategy;


  • Preparing you so that we can try your case and win it before a jury; and


  • Handling any appeals filed by the insurance company lawyers.