Fortitude Season 2 Review

My wife and I just finished watching the @skyatlantic original series, Fortitude Season 2. The show is a science fiction murder mystery set in the tiny community way above the arctic circle in Svalbard, Norway.

My favorite part of the show is the beautiful photography and cinematography. The composition of scenes is consistently fabulous, and the scenic background is breathtaking. The production was just picked up by Amazon where I streamed the show. The writing and acting are also way above average. Congratulations to the Simon Donald for writing a gripping tale.

The story blends a mix of science and woo woo. It involves wasp larvae and DNA alteration to create humans with regenerative tissue, a material that leads even the most brilliant medical scientists into issues of questionable morality choices. One of those people effected by the wasp larvae is the charismatic sheriff, Dan Anderssen (pictured above, played by Irishman Richard Dormer, @richardormerfan). The Shaman, Vladek Klimov (played by @RobSheehanOrg), thinks Dan’s body has been taken over by the Demon. Science confirms Dan undergoes an internal battle for his DNA. The Shaman goes to rather extreme lengths to stop the Demon, leading to an intense police investigation of weird ritual  murders. But are they all committed by the Shaman? Maybe Big Pharma is behind some.

Caught between the crosswinds of spiritual and scientific forces is Dennis Quaid’s (@DasQuaid) character, Michael Lennox. Michael leans toward science to find a cure for his stricken and critically ill wife, Freya Lennox (played by Michelle Fairley). But Michelle tends toward the woo woo and seeks help from and trusts the Shaman to save her.

The show, filmed in the northern part of Iceland, is one that I cannot recommend highly enough. It is fantastic and you will probably binge stream both seasons if you haven’t seen season 1. I like to pace myself and watch one show a day. However you like to watch TV, Fortitude is a great TV show.

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