Bosch Season 3 — @BoschAmazon — is Worth Watching

Season 3 starts off a bit slow. But the drama continues to build and build until the tenth episode climax.

Los Angeles murder detective Harry Bosch, played by @welliver_titus, faces scrutiny over an aggressive police investigation style. Bosch is relentless when a murderer is in his sights. Sometimes Bosch even pushes boundaries of the LAPD policies to gather evidence.

Bosch grew up as an orphan and knows the hard knocks associated with surviving in LA orphanages. In this season, he befriends a troubled 13 year old boy who witnessed a murder. Turns out the boy didn’t see much, but a security firm, staffed with former Iraq special forces operatives, don’t know that. The poor kid pays the price.

Bosch follows obscure clues and tracks down the killers. If you like police murder mystery shows, Season 3 is can’t miss TV.

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